Real estate agents say it’s a good time to sell your home

Real estate agents are celebrating happier days for the housing market, with higher home prices and not enough homes to meet the growing demand.

One group of agents in Prairie Village recently sent out a flier in hopes of finding people thinking about selling their homes.

The National Association of Realtors said Tuesday that home prices and new home construction have risen to their highest levels since 2007, before the recession and housing market collapse.

In Prairie Village, home prices have risen faster than the national average, growing about 9 percent since January.

“Right now is a good time to sell, when it’s a low-inventory market,” said Lindsay Ridder, of the Gail Dicus Group. “That’s the time you want to get your house out there because you’re not competing with a bunch of other houses.”

The Johnson County Commission recently voted to raise property taxes by an average $100 per year for a typical homeowner. Ridder said she has not yet seen an impact of that move on the local housing market.